Coronavirus Update

To Our Patients and Friends,


We continue to hope that this letter finds all of you happy and healthy.  A lot has changed this week, but much has also remained the same.  The Massachusetts Dental Society continues to inform us that we will be able to start seeing patients on May 18th, but Governor Baker has not definitely confirmed that he will open dental offices in the first phase of his return to work plan.  We at McKenna & Caban Family Orthodontics are moving ahead in hopes that we will be able to open next week and we wanted to send out a letter to keep everyone apprised of this very fluid situation.


We have secured enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to open, which was no small task given the world-wide shortage.  The offices are being cleaned and disinfected and our protocols have been set up so we can practice in a safe environment for our patients and our staff.  One change from our previous correspondence is that we are waiting until Governor Baker speaks on Monday, May 18th to start scheduling patients for that week.  We are going to finish cleaning and preparing the offices and start making phone calls to patients on the 18th, and begin seeing patients as soon as possible.  As we stated in our previous letters, patients who have been away from the office the longest will be the first to be scheduled. 


The New Check-In Protocol at McKenna & Caban Family Orthodontics


The evening before your appointment you will be receiving confirmation via text. Attached will be a link for our COVID-19 health history form, which should be filled out and electronically submitted to our office before your appointment. Unfortunately, if we have not received your updated health history before you arrive, we will not be able to admit you into the building for your appointment, so it is critical that it is filled out and returned.


When you arrive in the parking lot, please text our office at 413-200-3015 (the same number that you will be receiving your confirmation text from the night before).  Please include the patient’s name and let us know that you have arrived.


Our staff will text you back to confirm that we have received your text and then inform you that we are ready to have the patient enter the building. 


A mask must be worn into the office by all patients and accompanying adults.


Our staff will meet you as you enter the office and take your temperature with a thermal scanner. If your temperature is normal, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer and a mouth rinse before you sit in the treatment chair.


The patient will wear his/her mask until he/she is treated and will replace his/her mask when the procedure is finished.


When the patient is dismissed, they will be escorted out of the operatory.  If the patient is with an adult who would like to schedule the next appointment, that appointment can be made in the office.  If only the patient is in the office, the accompanying adult will be called as the patient walks out of the building and an appointment will be made over the phone.


We ask that only the patient enter the office if possible.  If the patient needs to be accompanied by an adult, only one adult may accompany them and that person will also need to wear a mask at all times, have their temperature taken and use the hand sanitizer.  


When you enter the office, the look will be different. For disinfection reasons, all printed material has been removed and the coffee stations have been put away. The entire office team, including the front desk personnel, will be wearing surgical masks and the clinical staff will be wearing masks with face shields.  Although we will be hidden behind these visual barriers, the same caring, professional people will be on the other side happy to help you with any questions that you may have. 


Because this is a work in progress, and these are unprecedented times, changes and improvement are likely.  Please know how grateful the staff and doctors at McKenna & Caban Family Orthodontics are for all of your understanding and patience.




Dr. Stephen W. McKenna

Dr. Michael D. Caban